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Life Matters Podcast

Life Matters – June 15th 2010

My guest today is Melissa, a traumatic care specialist with years of experience with patients, foster kids, and grandchildren. She has so many valuable ideas and good stories to inspire us, especially in caring for kids with PTSD.


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2 Responses to “Life Matters – June 15th 2010”

  1. brad and susie harvey says:

    Melissa…parents need to understand child and needs. They come clingy, fearful of being left alone, and maybe bed wetting.
    Help by hugging and touching, reasure child frequently. Talk about feelings.
    Post tramatic stress can apprear after event, months or years later.
    Careful with TV, no freddy k.
    kids need to be able to learn to slow down.
    Parents need to relax, enjoy life, each day.
    Onions and garlic fight bacteria.

  2. Jennifer and Joshua Johnston says:

    Interesting. It’s helpful to learn about the true causes of some behavioral issues. Diet and parents’ behavior have a huge effect on how the children behave.

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