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Life Matters Podcast

Life Matters Broadcast – September 2, 2011

I am talking about fostering and adopting children in Texas and different ways you can help and get involved through FamillyLink.

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3 Responses to “Life Matters Broadcast – September 2, 2011”

  1. Roderick D Lewis says:

    Mother was a prostitute being pressured to abort. She resisted and that child is one of Mariah’s and she excels at all she trys. Each child has a right to life and to be loved no matter what others might think.
    Volunteers are needed but moreover if one does volunteer it is very important to fulfill that voluntary space because sometimes it’s difficult to replace you.
    Mariah uses and likes to use alternative healing. Cieaura is the name.
    Interview with director of Austin Coalition for Life. She actually was blessed to bring the director of one abortion clinic to God. That was awesome. God is great.

  2. cettina hassler says:

    it doesnt matter how they were concieve God made they are loved to have a open heart a child should have hope and healing abortion is not the answer God created love through love micles happen God didn,t make those abortion happen. witness to people that abortion is not the answer. that witness to people more people are doing adoption rather abortion. tell people there is a baby in you you are killing the baby.

  3. Darrin and Minnie Turley says:

    I like the testominy about Abby, how God changed her life and how she went from supporting abortion to perserving life.

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