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Mariah Wilde interviewed on The River 102.3 FM in Austin

Mariah Wilde
Click below to hear Mariah Wilde, Director of Family Link, interviewed on The River – 102.3 FM in Austin.
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3 Responses to “Mariah Wilde interviewed on The River 102.3 FM in Austin”

  1. Leah Saiz says:

    Awesome job Mariah!
    Thank you for listening to God, then taking action! You are an inspiration to us all! :)
    My hope and prayer is to be able to share as much information as possible so that I too may help these angels who so desperately need us! Loving and comforting a foster angel who needs you is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! May God bless all Fostering Families today, oh and the FamilyLink staff too!!

  2. Roger Finch says:

    I am so impressed with Mariah’s work and her heart for kids! A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart! I am a 63 year old single man with children of my own, so I know about and love kids, but my health is poor. My desire is to get well enough to foster some needy children and make a positive time in their life and especially to give them love.

  3. Rose Mary Hughes says:

    Hello Mariah , your father and mother in law (Don and MPat gave me the informative booklet “Bell County Family” published in August 2011 when I was visiing in St.Joseph,MO these past 2 weeks. Don had told me about some of the work that you and Chirs are doing. I went to HS with Don or at the same time but different schools and were dating. Anyway , I am very interested in what you are doing now . We have 8 grown children and 16 grandchildren ,2 foster grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren and 2 foster great grandchildren.One of our Daughter in laws was adopted in NY when just a few days old. She is a singer(also a photographer) and has a beautiful CD that she wrote about Adoption . Her name is Clarissa Dane Hughes .
    She has several web sites the latest one is: . Our oldest son and wife are the only ones that have been unable to have children after many attempts, several miscarrages and procedures. I am sending the information about your Agency to all our children.If you have any updated information would love to have it. My address is:
    Rose Mary Hughes
    6195 34th Ave.N
    St. Petersburg , Fl 33710-1768

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